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Quartus 10.1 SignalTap II LA "Advanced Trigger Condition" Problem

Honored Contributor II

Hy everyone ..  

I want to observe the signal from the SDRAM controller. I read/write it from NIOS II. 

I was using the advanced triggered with az_cs , az_rd_n , and az_wr_n for as the triggered signal , but I got this error (*attached picture). 

Does anybody know what is the problem ? 


learning source : ftp://ftp.altera.com/up/pub/tutorials/de2/digital_logic/tut_signaltapii_verilogde2.pdf 


Thank you in advance, 

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Honored Contributor II

I got the problem on the EDGE & Level Detector things..  

I set: 

1. az_cs edge detector = R 

2. az_rd_n egde detector = F 

3. az_wr_n egde detector = F 


why there's a problem with that ?? 


FYI, I am using SOPC's sdram controller. 

Thank you
Honored Contributor II

I got the same problem with the edge & level detector. 

I was trying the Tutorial "signaltap ii with vhdl designs (ftp://ftp.altera.com/up/pub/tutorials/de2/digital_logic/tut_signaltapii_vhdlde2.pdf)" but at point 4.2 I get also the "Invalid advanced trigger condition expression" message. Without the edge & level detector the .stp file can be saved without this errormessage. I'm using Quartus II v.10.1 Web Edition. 


Is there a solution for this problem?