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Quartus (21.1 Lite) can no longer see my USB Blasters (Terasic) on Windows after auto-update


Hi folks,

I have been happily using Quartus Prime 21.1 Lite (Windows 10) with several Terasic boards (including DE0-Nano, Cyclone V GX Starter Kit, DE2-115) the last month or so with a new computer.

Yesterday, the computer did it's annoying "auto Microsoft update thing and reboot" - and today I have been unable to work with my boards anymore.

I tried reinstalling the drivers (DPInst.exe). I even rebooted into "allow unsigned drivers" and reinstalled them. However, nothing. I have no ability to see the boards. The Device Manager shows the Altera USB-Blaster when connected (driver date 8/16/2017, version The does computer beeps when I insert and remove the boards.

I have tried several things:

  • Uninstalling/installing the drivers, including a reboot with unsigned drivers allowed
  • Different USB cables
  • Different USB ports on the computer, with and without a hub

But none of this works - none of these things see the board:

  • jtagconfig
  • quartus_pgm --auto
  • Quartus GUI using Quartus Programmer or Signal Tap UI
  • The Terasic "Control Panel" for the board
  • Running all the above as administrator instead of my regular user

My windows version is now 10.0.19044 Build 19044, HAL is 10.0.19041.1503. It runs with the hypervisor because I have WSL2 enabled.

BUT: Nothing has changed, just the computer decided to self-update and reboot overnight.

Please help??



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Since nobody responded, here's what I did which eventually did SOMETHING:


1. Unplug as many USB devices as possible

2. Stop as many programs as possible in the system tray and running

3. Kill the "jtagserver" a few times from Task Manager

4. Plug in and out the FPGA board (USB Blaster)


Eventually the jtagconfig was able to see the board again. I have no idea which of these things worked.


It could be. There are lots of possibility when windows is updated. Probably a restart of system could help also.