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Quartus II 11.1 SP2 and DDR2 controller

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I'm trying to compile the ddr2_x32_example that comes with the Cyclone IV GX devkit, and I'm having no luck. It comes up with the following error: 


Error (15096): Can't implement PLL "ddr2_x32:ddr2_x32_inst|ddr2_x32_controller_phy:ddr2_x32_controller_phy_inst|ddr2_x32_phy:ddr2_x32_phy_inst|ddr2_x32_phy_alt_mem_phy:ddr2_x32_phy_alt_mem_phy_inst|ddr2_x32_phy_alt_mem_phy_clk_reset:clk|ddr2_x32_phy_alt_mem_phy_pll:pll|altpll:altpll_component|altpll_mfl3:auto_generated|pll1" The software used is Quartus II 11.1 with SP2 on a 32bit XP machine. The same example compiles without errors on Quartus 2 10 but on a 64-bit linux machine. Unfortunately I have no access to a 11.1 on the same linux server. 


I've also tried to generate a DDR2 controller with ALTMEMPHY for the Cyclone IV GX with the Megawizard Plug-In manager, and it keeps displaying an error about not being able to synthesize a PLL for the given input/output clock combination. I have tried reference clock 100MHz and memory clock frequency 200MHz and several other combinations as well without luck. 


Is this a known problem with Quartus 11.1? I've had no luck in searching this forums as many results came back as 403-Forbidden (and this seem to be connected to the length of the search string).
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