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Rebooting from Flash unreliable

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My system is designed with cyclone III 3C40. Booting from Parallel Flash. Flash is 128 MBits, Intel P30 flash chip. I had booter loader customized for our application. The bootloader is running from on-chip memory. it validates the signiture and validates the application content using CRC32. The problem is that it can not successfully rebooting every time. I found it seems to reboot everytime when the board is cold (such as every morning, it is able to reboot everytime). But under normal running conditions, it can fail 5 rebooting in a row. It can also reboot successfully 5 in a row. When it boots, it can read/write flash without problem. When it fails, it fails the CRC32 of the application. But signiture is good.  

The bootloader copies the data from flash into DDR RAM using memcpy, which is from the Altera example bootloader.  


did I miss something? any hints or ideas that may help to resolve the problem? 

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First thing that can cause these kind of problems is signal integrity in PCB and other thing is timings inside FPGA. 


Is Cyclone III running hot? 

I mean if it's bare PCB then can you touch it without pain?
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