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Running PCIe to DDR3 Reference Design Demo in PCIe2.0

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I'm running the PCI Express to DDR3 reference design demo (see page 8 of the attached document) in Windows XP on a motherboard with the Intel X38 chipset. I confirmed that this computer mother board/chipset is PCI Express 2.0 capable.  


When I run the demo, the programs shows 8 lanes at Gen 1 running at 2.5 GB/s, but the Altera card (Stratix IV GX development board) is inserted in a PCI Express 2.0 slot on the motherboard so I thinking that the demo program should say Gen 2, 5.0 GB/s (but it doesn't) 


Is there perhaps a switch setting on the Alter card or something to do with the MegaCore that determines the PCIe data rate? 







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Hi Eric, 


Did you get the PCIe gen2 to work in the reference design? I have the same development board and just ran into the same issue. Thanks.