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SD-Card reader for de0-nano

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I have posted already my question in the section university program 

but did not get any answers: 



SD-Card IP Core changes for DE0-Nano board support 





I am in a situation to port my application from the DE1-board to 

the DE0-Nano board( 32 MB SD-Ram!) The remaining problem is, to 

get the Altera University Program, Secure Data Card IP Core ported 

to DE0-Nano. I used the circuit diagram from the DE1-board ( see 

attached post ) and connected a SD-Card interface to the GPIO connector 

as follows: 


DE1-Board my_DEO-Nano 

b_SD_cmd: PIN_Y20 PIN_B11 

b_SD_dat: PIN_W20 PIN_D11 

b_SD_dat3: PIN_U20 PIN_C11 

o_SD_clock: PIN_V20 PIN_A12 


The Pins assignment of course is different which reflects in 

Errors if I want to add the IP Core to the SOPC. 

Has anyone an idea, which files I have to modify to bring 

the SD Card up and running on the DE0-Nano board ? 

I prefere the University Program, because it has FAT16 support, 

otherwise I have to use the SPI ? 


Regards, Reinhard
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