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SD_WriteBlock512 works successfully but no data written in sd card.


Hello All,

This is SD mode 4bit,

I am using terasic sd card example code playing audio through sd card(taking reference). So there is a function:

bool SD_WriteBlock512(DISK_HANDLE DiskHandle, alt_u32 PysicalSelector, alt_u8 szBuf[512]){

   return SDLIB_WriteBlock512(PysicalSelector, szBuf);


If I use this function it is genrating successful signal that data has been written to the particular address. But when i try to read same address/block i don't see any data in that particular block. I have tried checking this written block with hexdump and I don't see any data. So this gives me clear indication that even though function gives me successful signal there is no data getting on sd card. If I use the same kind of a function to read data from some other block which I have added manually to sd card, I can read that correct data. So this gives me confidence that I am not doing anything wrong when I am reading the data.

Can anyone help me with this?

Why "SD_WriteBlock512" gives me successful signal but no data on sd card?

Thanks in advance.


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Hello, This design was developed by Terasic, you might check with them on this issue. Please let me know if there is any other cases that it requires support. Thanks
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