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SDI Megacore on Stratix4 GX devkit. Mismatch pinnames in UG with actual device.

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I'm trying to follow the SDI core on an S4 GX dev kit board. 

See also: http://www.altera.com/literature/ug/ug_sdi_ii.pdf 


Altera provide an example design S4GXSDI_AUDIO_TOP 


In this guide the apply a pin constraint on page A-7 


set_location_assignment PIN_99 -to sdi_rx  


However, the S4 GX has names starting with a letter and then a number. 

For example : The design has "sdi_rx_p" on PIN_L2. 


Anybody every encountered this mismatch in user guide versus design. 

Can I just use the PIN_L2 instead of PIN_99? 



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Hi Kimberly, 


I rarely use the example designs as the "golden" reference for a kit, I always use the schematic (or at least confirm each pin in the golden reference with the schematic). 


I've attached my pin constraints file. Here's the SDI section from that file: 


# Video out clock control (p6,9 ) set pin(sdi_clk148_up) {PIN = AH12, IOSTD = "2.5 V", DRIVE = 12mA, SLEW = 0} set pin(sdi_clk148_dn) {PIN = AH11, IOSTD = "2.5 V", DRIVE = 12mA, SLEW = 0} # Video out control set pin(sdi_tx_sd_hdN) {PIN = V29, IOSTD = "2.5 V", DRIVE = 12mA, SLEW = 0} # Video out set pin(sdi_tx) {PIN = K4, IOSTD = "1.4-V PCML"} set pin(sdi_tx(n)) {PIN = K3} # Video in set pin(sdi_rx) {PIN = L2, IOSTD = "1.4-V PCML"} set pin(sdi_rx(n)) {PIN = L1}  



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Can I just use the PIN_L2 instead of PIN_99? 


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Yes, pin 99 is wrong, pin L2 is correct. 



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