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SGMII with Phy 88E1111 via LVDS

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Hi Guys,  

I have an Altera Board with 88E1111 on it connecting to FPGA via LVDS I/Os. 

I have an SGMII core under verification. 

I did manage to run the Auto-nego successfully once.  


Then after that I have no idea what changes make the thing not work any more.  


The Phy keeps sending out: BC 42 00 00, BC 5B 00 00 ... ==> my SGMII core is therefore stuck at Ability Detect 


I've read the register 17 page 1 for the status, value = A010 which translates to:  

- Fiber link not up  

- Fiber energy not detected  


Another problem is i don't have a scope to check for the signal. :( 


Any advice? Any PHY register to read to find out more what's going on? Any setting to the LVDS TX at the FPGA side?  


Thanks a lot! 


I'm really afraid that the LVDS receiver at the PHY is blown up :(.
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