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Schematic EP2S60 DAC and ADC

Honored Contributor II

Good morning !! 


I am are currently working on a project and we will wish to have more information concerning the schematic of the card of development stratix II EP2S60. 


We would like to know why you use a transformer ADT1-1WT 75Ohm while impedance of SMA is 50Ohm (figure 1)? 

Because it is necessary that one thus sends a signal in a coaxial cable 50 Ohm (figure 1) without loss of impedance are what one would not have had to put a transformer 50 Ohm. 


And also, why do you use two transformers of different impedance. One is 50 Ohm, (ADT2-1T) other is 75ohm (ADT1-1WT) .(figure 2) 


Best regards.
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Honored Contributor II

UP !! 


Is someone of support ALTERA tell me the function of this component ? 



Thanks !