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SoC SDK for audio and voice application

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Hi,Needed is a SDK with development board for voice and audio application development.The board needs to feature a SoC with at least 1 ARM Cortex A(x) core, at least 1 DSP core,Audio/Voice ADC DAC on board, or possibility to populate such in form of extension card.Supporting development of audio drivers in Linux, ALSA SoC on ARM core.The SDK eco-system should support a library of loadable (DSP) audio/voice processing algorithms.The DSP code only for black-box use, must not be in source. Source code development just on ARM core.The goal is to learn programming ASoC (Linux) on ARM core.I was not successful on my search for appropriate board using Altera Web.Anyone with a helpful recommendation? For the hints from you many thanks in advance!

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Your usage seems very narrowed and specific, probably only solution that able to provide a complete solution for this :) 


Only available example projects that i noticed only from here, where non of them near to your desired usage.. too bad.