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Soc Cyclone V SX development kit Error -1

Honored Contributor II

Hi everyone, 


I am currently trying to do the very first steps to get started with a Soc Cyclone V SX development kit, but it seems like I cannot manage to configurate the FPGA properly. 

For the context, I followed the different steps described in the "Intel FPGA SDK for OpenCL Cyclone SoC Getting Started Guide", and I cannot observe the LEDS on the FPGA flashing in a counter pattern. 


I am using Window 7, so the linux_sd_card_image has been written on the SD card via Win32DiskImager. 

It has been tryed with 4 different SD cards, and the image comes from the installed version 15.1 of Quartus Prime Standard Windows. I tryed to desinstall it and install it again, and this image has been checked with sha256sum so it shouldn't be corrupted. 


When I connect the Board to the computer via TeraTerm, I obtain in the booting messages "altera_load: Failed with error code -1", meaning "The FPGA is not able to enter reset phase after FPGA reset request being made at FPGA Manager" according to https://rocketboards.org/foswiki/view/documentation/gsrd131programmingfpga


I checked the switch configuration, the environmental variables have been set and aoc --list-boards gives the list of the boards. 

I found a file refering to the leds pattern, so here are the linux commands i did and the message I obtain: 


>root@socfpga:~/altera# ./scroll_client 

Usage: ./scroll_client <ms between LED toggle> 

If <ms between toggle> is set to 0, 

application will return the current toggling delay. 

If <ms between toggle> is set to negative value, 

application will stop the LED scrolling. 

>root@socfpga:~/altera# ./scroll_client 1000 

Missing FPGA LEDs 


I wrote a VHDL code to lighten one LED to see if I can access the board via another path. Nevertheless, when I link Quartus II and the board via USB and Ethernet, it cannot find the hardware device in Programmer> Hardware Setup> Curretly selected hardware. I have checked the drivers, it should be all right, but I cannot find any more leads. 


Would you have any idea about where I should look to, to try to make it work? 


Thank you for your time. 


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