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Solution for ByteBlaster II and Kernel Mode driver error message

Honored Contributor II

Some people become the message "Kernel Mode driver not installed " instead of just showing LPT1 after installing their ByteBlaster on a parrallel port.  


You can edit some lines in the Windows register but this also does not work all the time. 


The thing I did was quite easy: 


I have installed Quartus 10.0 and I tried to connect to the ByteBlaster, this gave me the 'kernell driver' error. 


I installed Quartus 5.1 programmer next to the 10.0 version. 


When you open the 10.0 version now you will see the LPT1 instead of the 'kernell driver' error, thus somehow the 5.1 version installs the right driver. 


This worked for me on two different pc's. 


You can download the old version here: ftp://ftp.altera.com/outgoing/release 



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