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[StartupKit_Xylo] USB program and FPGAConf

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Hi eveyone, 


I use the Startup Kit for a Xylo FPGA Board EP1C3T100C8. 

I use the "FPGA Project - USB-2 (FX2) 1 - Blink leds" sample which allow you to blink LEDs via USB protocol... 


So I use FPGAConf Tool to program my board with the .rbf file created by Quartus II. 

I program the Boot PROM with my program => it works :) 

I use the C++ sample program to communicate with my board with USB (to blink LED) 


If I perform a "Configure FPGA" from FPGAConf and I launch the C++ program called "FX2_blinkleds.CyUSB.exe", it works ;) 


But If I power off the board then power up and I launch again the "FX2_blinkleds.CyUSB.exe" program, it does not work.... :( 


Or the program is stored in EEPROM so I might be loaded at power up... 


I'm sure that the program is correctly stored in EEPROM. I think there is a communication trouble with USB protocol... 


Have you got some suggestions ? 


PS : Sorry for my bad english (I'm French) :D 


Thanks you ! 

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I don't know this kit, but the FPGAConf tool probably only uploads your design to the FGPA's SRAM, so you loose it when you turn the power off. What kin of configuration device is there on the board? Have a look in the documentation for a way to flash an FPGA configuration.

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Hi Daixiwen, 


does fpgaconf might change usb interface during upload ? 

Because, I try another program which only blinks leds (without USB communication) and it works when I program it in the FGPA's SRAM (I use the button "Program Boot-PROM" of FPGAConf). So I can power off then power on my board and the program is still running :) 


But when I upload a program that use USB communication, it does not work... :( 


SO, I suppose there is something happening during the configuration of FPGA (button "Configure FPGA of FPGAConf) 


Yes, I have read the documentation that you can find here : 



Have you good an idea ? 


Thanks a lot !
Honored Contributor II

Okay so it seems that the configuration is flashed correctly. I agree that it looks like the USB part on the board isn't initialized properly. Do you see the USB device on your PC, is it detected? 

SOrry I won't be able to help you a lot more on this, I'm not familiar with this kit or this USB chip.