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Stratix 10 I/O Maximum Frequency


For a particular design I have an external, 1 GHz, clock. An ideal solution would be to use this clock to clock some FPGA logic. I aim to use a 1:1 PLL clock to help improve timing and clock routing within the FPGA fabric.  

The issue I'm running into is finding the maximum IO toggle frequency for Startix 10 FPGAs. I am aware that the maximum I/O toggle frequency is greatly affected by the input standard used (LVTTL 3.3V,2.5V etc).  However I would expect to see some characterized values on a datasheet somewhere, but that I am yet to find. 

I have found this table in the Startix 10 datasheet which describes the PLL clock maximum input frequencies. However it is un-clear to me whether this table is describing the maximum input frequency from a physical, dedicated, I/O pin/pad or from internal routing along clock nets in the FPGA fabric.



There is a periphery section of the datasheet which may elude to what I'm after.  Here it shows that the Highspeed I/O Specifications. For single-ended standards, the maximum frequency is 625MHz. However from how this section reads, I am unsure if this applies to the dedicated clock pins/pads on the FPGA.


The information I'm after should be present in Quartus Prime Pro, however I feel this information should be available before I've made the platform investment in a Pro license. 

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be appreciated.  



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Thank you for reaching out Intel FPGA Community.

According to this Knowledge Base article, refer here Will Altera publish the maximum I/O toggle rate specifications for... (intel.com), unfortunately we are not published the maximum IO toggle frequency in the datasheet for newer device anymore.

All of the standard supported I/O signaling frequencies is depended on design and also system customization form factors.

Therefore, the I/O toggle rate specifications was being removed from Stratix 10 device datasheet. The best options are using HSPICE or IBIS simulations.



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