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Stratix II EP2S180 DSP Development Board/Kit Santa Cruz Pin-out (PROTOX_CLKOUT)

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I have noticed that there's an error in the Stratix II EP2S180 DSP Development Board Reference Manual. 


In figures 2-11 and 2-13, the signal named PROTO1_CLKOUT and PROTO2_CLKOUT are assigned to Stratix II pins AC14 and B14, respectively. 


But I think that they are not! 


These assignments are from the Stratix II EP2S60 Nios II Development Board. (I guess this is a CTRL+C - CTRL+V issue) 



The correct Stratix II pins are T32 (for PROTO1_CLKOUT) and T30 (for PROTO2_CLKOUT) as it's specified in another section of the same document (Table 2-4, part 2, last row) 


Just wanted to share the information, cause I haven't found an Errata Sheet regarding this issue. 



Best Regards, 

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