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Stratix II GX PCI Express Development Kit License Issue

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Hi All, 


I have recently inherited a "PCI Express Development Board, Stratix II GX Edition" which uses a "Stratix II GX EP2SGX90F1508C3" FPGA. 

I looked up the Quartus II compatibility table and downloaded the v11.0sp1 Web Edition toolset which supports the Stratix II GX family. 

My part shows up in the device list, so no problems there. 


When I try to compile the design I get: 

Error: Current license file does not support the EP2SGX90FF1508C3 device 


I obviously wrongly assumed the free web edition would work with all devices in the families the website said it supported, please could someone clarify the situation and help me locate a list of devices that the web edition will support? 



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