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Stratix-III ADC and read to RAM

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Hi, I have the stratix-III DSP kit. Im using the 14-bit 150MSPS ADC to sample some data from the DACs, write it to DDR2 and then stream it over the UART to a file on the PC. Eventually, this will be done via ethernet. 


Anway, I built a few NCO's to send a waveform through the DAC and an Avalon-ST interface for the ADC. Unfortunately I am running into a few problems. 


My project is attached, if someone can take a look at it, it will be much appreciated! 


1) I have 2, 14-bit LPM_DFFs that take the data in from the ADC. I made them into the Avalon-st source interface using the new component editor in SOPC. The question is, how do I send this data to the DMA controller present in my SOPC design? ie, the component connections do not show possible connections. The DMA controller is a master isn't it?  


2) Assuming I get everything to work, I need to assign pins for the dimm port on my board (Stratix-III DSP development board). Typically, I just used the "golden_top" file that comes with the dev kit. This is not so with the Stratix -III, I have the golden_top file, but when I generate a SOPC block that is meant to interface to the DDR2, my pin names are different.  

For example: 

golden_top.ppf .... 











How am I supposed to make sense of this? In addition to that, I LOVE how there are almost no examples for this board. I don't think I've ever been more frustrated.  


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Today I got stratix-III DEV kit, but there are almost no example for the board,too. I've been in frustrated already. If anyone konws where could I get basic example to use this board, I will appreciate.