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Stratix III DevKit(EP3SL150F1152C2) with Ethernet

hi everyone 

my board is 

i'm trying to test socket_simple_server on my board. but i have some problems. 

i used quartus hardware which in C:\altera\91\kits\stratixIII_3sl150_dev\examples\stratixIII_3sl150_dev_niosII_standard\stratixIII_3s...

(altera support: should use project in Kit Installation - at first link) 

i used quartus 9.1 / 9.1.2 /10 / 10.1 - Eclipse , i see problems: 

-10 & 10.1 : "There are no Nios II CPUs with debug modules available which match the values specified. Please check that your PLD is correctly configured, downloading a new SOF file if necessary. "  

-9.1 & 9.1.2 : "ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ Unable to read" in NIOS console. 

who have experience in Ethernet project on stratix III dev kit?who can help me? 

i'm trying to run ethernet.:cry: 

thank everyone!
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