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Stratix III Development Kit - PSRAM (Part No: K1B3216B2E-B170) Controller

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Hey there, 


I’m working with the Stratix III Development Kit in particular trying to use the PSRAM.  


I’m trying to design a controller for this PSRAM, but sadly I’m not able to find a datasheet for the Samsung PSRAM (Part No K1B3216B2E-B170), making it more difficult to design the controller.  


Does anyone have any information on this PSRAM that will help me design the controller?…A controller would be even better. 


At the moment all I have is information in the Stratix III Dev Kit Reference Manual (attached…PSRAM info between pages 2-58 and 2-63). This helped me to roughly design the controller, but it doesn’t seem to work when I try a simple program. 


Also, does anyone have a VHDL model of this PSRAM or any information on how I could build an accurate model? At the moment I’m using a simple model when simulating my controller which probably doesn’t help.
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