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Stratix IV Signal Integrity Dev Kit: Which pins are connected to the 4-pin header?

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I have the Stratix IV Signal Integrity Development Kit. It's been great so far, and the reference manual is very helpful. 


The manual mentions that there are four general-purpose IOs that come out to a 4-pin header on the board. I can see it, it's number J25. The problem is, I can't find which pins of the FPGA this header is connected to. If it's in the reference manual, I'm just not seeing it. 


Does anyone know which FPGA pins are connected to this 4-pin header?
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Never mind, I realized that the information is available in the board schematic that came with the development kit. I found this in: 


in case anyone else is looking for it. 


And here are the pin assignments for these general purpose IOs: 

IO0: AT23 

IO1: AU23 

IO2: AV23 

IO3: AW23
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