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Stratix V Advanced Systems Development Kit clock problem

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my instantiated altera pll goes out of lock periodically when I use the 50MHz clock svb_clk_50 (FPGA 2). 

When I use the 100 MHz clock input svb_clk_p as pll clock reference everything is working fine. 

My clock constraints for this project are: 


create_clock -name {svb_clk} -period "100 MHz" [get_ports {svb_clk_p}] 

create_clock -name {svb_clk_125} -period "125 MHz" [get_ports {svb_clk_125_p}] 

create_clock -name {svb_clk_50} -period "50 MHz" [get_ports {svb_clk_50}] 


Also the schematic for the board shows a pull-up/pull-down connected to clock svb_clk_50, whereas the FPGA 1 clock sva_clk_50 has no pull-up/pull-down. 


Is there a known problem with this clock? 


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