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Syntax error

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Hi, there  


Unfortunately, I encounter a strange problem. I tried to design a web interface based on ecos. However, after I did some modification about the html, some error happen. It warns that the lib_2c35/demo_with_jffs2_and_ftp_install/include/pkgconf/net.h:12:10# include expects "Filename" or <FileNANE> Then a lot of error:synatx error before "***", or error "*" undeclared (first use in this function). The code at lib_2c35/demo_with_jffs2_and_ftp_install/include/pkgconf/net.h:12:10 is  

# include <pkgconf/system.h># include CYGDAT_NET_STACK_CFG# define CYGPKG_NET_DRIVER_FRAMEWORK 1 .  

Even if I reinstall NIOS ii software, ecos, and Quartus II, and copy the original source code and did recompilation. The same error still occurs. The following image is the snapshot of this error. I hope it is helpful. Thanks 

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It seems that CYGDAT_NET_STACK_CFG isn't defined anymore. It should be defined in pkgconf/system.h 

If it's not there anymore, open the eCos configuration and check that the IP Stack is still included correctly. You can alse try a make clean and make again to force a rewrite of the pkgconf files.
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