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System design architect tutorial problem

Honored Contributor II

Hello i have followed the system design architect tutorial. I followed each step carefully i have managed to create a system in Qsys and program it but it doesnt show pictures 


the console message 


--- Quote Start ---  

Using cable "USB-Blaster [USB-0]", device 1, instance 0x00 

Processor is already paused 

Reading System ID at address 0x01000800: verified 

Initializing CPU cache (if present) 



Downloading 06000020 ( 0%) 

Downloading 06010000 (12%) 

Downloading 06020000 (24%) 

Downloading 06030000 (37%) 

Downloading 06040000 (49%) 

Downloading 06050000 (62%) 

Downloading 06060000 (74%) 

Downloading 06070000 (87%) 

Downloading 06080000 (99%) 

Downloaded 514KB in 9.0s (57.1KB/s) 


Verifying 06000020 ( 0%) 

Verifying 06010000 (12%) 

Verifying 06020000 (24%) 

Verifying 06030000 (37%) 

Verifying 06040000 (49%) 

Verifying 06050000 (62%) 

Verifying 06060000 (74%) 

Verifying 06070000 (87%) 

Verifying 06080000 (99%) 

Verified OK  

Starting processor at address 0x060001BC 

--- Quote End ---  



Nios II Console message 


--- Quote Start ---  


Nios II Embedded Evaluation Kit 

Picture Viewer Demo 


Initializing IO devices... 

Intitializing LCD control registers & gamma curve...[alt_tpo_lcd_init] Warning: Read incorrect chip ID. 

--> Expected 0xc0, read 0xf0 

--> The gamma curve or other LCD register writes may not succeed. 


Intitializing video display driver...Success. 

Initializing touchscreen...Success. 

Creating uC/OS-II tasks & resources...Success. 


Now processing file: 1.jpg ... 

Premature end of JPEG file 

Not a JPEG file: starts with 0x00 0xff 



--- Quote End ---  



It's the second time i tried to run this and it doesnt work Please help 

Thank you!
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Honored Contributor II

Has anyone finished that tutorial and it worked? if so can you send your version of it. i really need it. it's important for my university project