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TRDB-D5M not working with DE2-70 board

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I've just received my development board, DE2-70, with TRDB D5M camera. 


First, in order to try the control panel software, I couldn't upload it to the Dev. board.  


Only got it working by removing the Modelsim software, and restart. 


Then, now, I'm going to test the DE2_70_CAMERA.exe application software that comes with the cd to test the camera.  


But, when I'm going to upload the code, after 100%, and after few seconds, it said " Execute (....NiosDownloadBatch.bat) fail, Exitcode: 1H." 


and 2nd warning, "Download Nios2 file (DE2_70_CAMERA.elf) fail! " 


I tried to burn the DE2_70_CAMERA to the fpga using quartus programmer, and after I open the DE2_70_CAMERA.exe application, it's connected. but no pic at all. 


If I click capture, it will pop up " Camera Capture Fail ". 


By the way, I've already tried copying the jtag_client.dll and dinkum_alt.dll to the 'SW" folder. And also have tried to change the environment path to point the bin at the quartus file. But still not working. 


Any Ideas?
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i bought DE0 and camera module, but do not work, did you figure out anything?