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TSE MAC MARVEL 88EE1111; S4GX 530 Dev Kit

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Hi All, 


I am trying to get a stand alone TSE MAC (so no NIOS in the design) up and running on my S4GX530 dev board. 



SGMII interface from the TSE MAC communicates with the external Marvel 88EE1111 Phy. Ethernet connection (crosscable) from the Phy to a PC. 


Unfortunately, I can not get the AUTO_NEGOTIATION functionality up and running. 


I configure the MAC as follows: 


Wr 0xFE to 0x0F -- write PhyId 

Rd 0x91 -- read Pcs revision 

Wr 0xCDEF to 0x90 and readback is ok 

Wr 0x0D40 to 0x92 --linktimer 0 

Wr 0x0003 to 0x93 --linktimer 1 

Wr 0x0003 to 0x94 --if_mode, SGMII_ENA = 1, USE_SGMII_AN = 1 

Wr 0x1140 to 0x80 --pcs ctrl, AUTO_NEGOTIATION_ENA = 1 

Wr 0x9140 to 0x80 --pcs ctrl, Soft reset 

poll 0x81 until bit (5) (Auto_negotiation_done) goes to 1 


The Auto_negotiation bit goes never to 1. In stead I keep reading 0x8D.... 


Does anybody had a similar issue? Does anybody know what could cause the malfunction of the auto_negotiation? 


In Advance, thanks for your help 


PS: I apply a 160 ms reset to the Marvel 88ee1111 chip followed by a 160 ms inactive period before I start configuring the mac
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