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TerASIC DE2-115 Web Server

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Good morning all, 


Quick disclaimer. Am new to the Quartus/Nios tool chain. Am working through RTFM issues right now. But would appreciate any guidance that might help me resolve this issue quicker. 


Using a TerASIC DE2-115 and attempting to get web server demo operational. Have been able to get other demos to work. 


Have been able to create to create (what I think is) viable NIOS webserver workspace with BSP defined by SOPC file. When I attempt to build the application, I encounter errors in the iniche stack area of the drivers regarding the files: 






The indication is that they are "unresolved inclusions" 


The sgdma component appears to be part of the SOPC file.  


Will continue my research. But would appreciate nay guidance on why the out-of-the-box demo might produce these errors. 


Many thanks in advance, 

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