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Terasic DE3 with HSMC-DVI

Honored Contributor II

Hi @all, 


i have realized a video interface on the DE3 board. 

The interface consists of the following hardware: HSMC-DVI - for video input, DDR2 SO-DIMM Memory - as framebuffer, DE3, LCD 800x480 - display to show the scaled video input. 

The SOPC-Builder part has the following blocks: video-in, framebuffer, ddr2, scaler, video-out. 

Everything works fine and it's possible to show video-input with resolutions up to 1920x1200@60Hz. The video signal comes from my laptop through a Display-Port to DVI adapter. 


So now to my problem: 

The video-in to my design is the hsmc-dvi addon board from terasic. As i described above with my laptop everything works but when i try to use the dvi-out from a desktop pc to source the DE3 nothing happened. The desktop pc doesn't recognize that HSMC-DVI module. 


What is the reason for that??? 


Thanks in advance! 


Best regards
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Honored Contributor II

maybe its a problem with the ID (EDID?) provided by the DVI receiver chip

Honored Contributor II

Thanks for your reply. 

I have tested different EDID contents. Original EDID contents from different monitor typs (dell 20 zoll, samsung 24 zoll, iiyama 19 zoll ...) and my own configurations. 

They all work in combination with my laptop but do not function with my desktop pc. 


So the thing i would like to know is what are the differences between the two dvi-out ports on my laptop and my desktop pc. 

I've already tested two different graphic cards, one with display-port-out and the other one with dvi-out. But nothing helps.