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Terasic DE4 and DDR2 with Quartus 11

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Hello all, 


I'm starting to build a system with the Terasic DE4-230, intending to run Linux on it. I've downloaded the example from http://www.ccm.ece.vt.edu/twiki/bin/view/main/linuxonnios2installationde4 that is intended for Quartus 10.1. I've open the design with Quartus 11 and both SOPC and QSYS complaints about the DDR2 IP version, and that I must replace it with the newer one. 


If I recompile the design (withouth regenerating it with SOPC) under Quartus 11, it compiles and runs fine the zImage provided by Virginia Tech. When replacing the DDR2 with the newer version, it compiles fine with the exception that global_reset_n_to_the_ddr2 signal is not longer existent, but the design does not work (when triying to load the zImage file, I get a message saying that target processor is not responding) 


I've reviewed the DDR2 configuration and seems to be the same in both (old and new) controllers. Any clue about some detail that I'm surely overlooked? 


Thanks! Best regards, 


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