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Trying to run QNX RTOS on DE10-Standard Kit with CycloneV SoC

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I have a DE10-Standard Kit with Cyclone V SoC. My aim is to run QNX on the HPS via SD Card. The Flash/Boot Image will have a pre-loader and U-Boot followed by QNX image and then the application. 


Now I am going through many documentation of how one can customise the BSP provided by QNX. But I want to confirm whether it is possible to boot any other RTOS other than Linux, as given by Terasic. The kit has certain configuration switches (MSEL SEttings) to toggle between Default mode and Linux Booting via SD Card. can any please clarify if there is any dependency of hw which can affect preloader and u-boot taken from qnx and running qnx on it? 


i also wish to know where can i find a start up code which points to the sd card after initialising the clock, watch and other system parameters? This way, my SD Card having the Preloader, U-Boot and the RTOS image can run from the SD Card.  


Kindly please help me out here. Really struggling for almost a week. 


Thanks and Regards, 

Guruprakash Singh
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