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UART ON DE1 Board from XBee wireless device

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I am trying to write a Uart driver in VHDL on the DE1 board using the cyclone II chip. The data is coming from the XBee wireless device. I am putting the Data out signal from the wireless device to the GPIO pins on the DE1 board.  


9600 baud rate 

1 start bit 

8 data bits 

no parity 

1 stop bit 


it is just one wire going from the xbee to gpio. 


I understand what i am trying to do, but putting it into code has been difficult. Does someone know a good way to code the process for this?
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Hi Jim3941, 


Now, i also try to do this kind of project. 

i want to use xbee with QUARTUS Verilog and nios ii. 

So, if you have already finished it, would you like to teach me? 

Thank you.
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