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USB Blaster II Trouble (no Nios II taget connection pathes were located. Check..)


USB Blaster Test.. (Device)

1. Altera USB Blaster (Black, PL-USB2-BLASTER)

2. Terasic USB Blaster

3.ALTERA USB Blaster ByteBlaster II 


Target : 10CL080... (Cyclone 10 LP)

Computer : Windows10, 64Bit

Quartus 17.1 lisenced Ver.


4. Using Programmer puts the target "*.sof" and Start (Not timelimited sof)

5. Check the Progress (100%) @ Programmer

6. @ Eclipse - Run Configuration -> Nios II Hardware -> Targer Connection -> Refresh Connections)


Step 4 : 1,2,3 Devices works well

Step 5 : 1,2,3 Devices 100% download

Step 6 : 2,3 Device works well But..

Only 1 Device got problem (No Nios II Target Connection Paths were Located. Check Connections and that a nios II .sof downloaded)


Test Step

Device 1(N.W) -> Device2 (W.W)-> Device 3 (W.W) -> Device 1(N.W)

N.W : Not work

W.W : Works Well

USB Blaster Quite Expensive Over $200 but doesn't works well for me. Is that any way?

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Hi, In the "Debug configurations" window, go to target connections and please just refresh connections and apply "resolve Names" then you will be able to see the NIOS II, if still cannot see it please check the "Ignore mismatched system ID ". then press apply and you will be able to see the NIOS II core. Please check the image below Regards,

Hi. @AhmedH_Intel​  Already Checked..

Ignore mismatched system ID.

Ignore mismatched system Timestamp


and.. without Marking.. .. "System ID Checks" .. Mark or didn't mark. ,


When "Click Refresh Connections", Have to shown somethings at "Connections→Processors Some.."


checking System ID is Next Step.


1, sof

2, refresh connections -> "Connections→processors"

3, Select preocessor, if you are Multi Processor..

4, Byte Stream Devices → Select , if you add more than 2 "JTAG UART"

5, then Mark, un-Mark System ID..


In my case using "PL-USB2-BLASTER" Below Pics.. "Refresh Connections" click more than 10 times , and Resolve Names. clock lots of times..


but doesn't works. just Error message

→ "no Nios II taget connection pathes were located. Check connections and that a Nios OO .sof is downloaded"





Hi Jongyun,

Sorry for the delay, Can you please check another USB blaster, I have the C10-LP and it is working fine.

If you agree you can share a sample design with me to try it on my board.