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USB Blaster and Quartus II 10.0 - DE1

Honored Contributor II

I've got the DE1 kit and recently upgraded from QII 9.1 to 10.0. 

Now when I connect the usb cable to the dev kit, activate the programmer from within Quartus, I get "no hardware" status. If I try to add hardware I can only choose between ByteBlaster and Ethernet Blaster... 


In Device Manager it says the drivers are updated if I try to reinstall them from \quartus\drivers directory. 


Any ideas?
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Honored Contributor II

I would try this: 

Unplug the USB cable to the DE2. Go to device manager and select View -> Show hidden devices. Then go to Universal Serial Bus controllers. Find the Altera USB-Blaster, right click and uninstall. Then Reboot, connect the USB cable again and power on the DE2, and install from the 10.0/drivers folder. 


I might also note that 10.1 is now out.
Honored Contributor II

Hi Did you get this working as it's the same problem I'm having. 


Cheers Graeme.