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Ubuntu on terasic DE-1 SOC help needed

Honored Contributor II

hi all 


im new in the SOC world :) 


i got a terasic DE1-SOC board and i want to run Ubuntu on it. 


i downloaded the ubuntu SD card IMGE file from terasic and flash it on a new 8GB SD card. 


i inserted the SD card to the board and turn the board on 


ubuntu is up but when i plug the internet cable to RJ45 connector i don't have an internet access ( the green led is off and the yellow is on ) 



can some one help me to make the Ethernet work? 


also i want to know if there is a newer virsion of ubunu(like 14.0 ) that can run on DE1-SOC ? (i be glad for a link to the image file) 



thanks for the help :)
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Honored Contributor II

Hi there, 


I understand that it's been a while and you've probably figured it out by yourself or sent a mail to our support team already, but in case the problem is still there, could you provide the serial number onboard, so we can start working on it together ? 




David from Terasic
Honored Contributor II

agree with David....... !!!