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Using SSRAM on Cyclone III Starter Kit



I am new to FPGA programming and am seeking some advice as to where to look for the information I need. I am trying to figure out how to use the SSRAM chip supplied on the Cyclone 3 starter board, and also how to use the HSMC to send data into the FPGA, and through to the SSRAM chip. Any suggestions as to where to start looking would be appreciated. Thank you.  


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You should have Cyclone III Starter Kit CD containing document, reference design and other board design related stuffs. You just need to install package and you will find reference design and documentation about kit inside installed path. If you dont have CD then you can download package from altera's ftp site: 


You can start from reference manual of kit and then look at reference designs supplied in package to have better idea to interface SSRAM and HSMC
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