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Using USB device in ISOCHRONOUS mode DE2

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I am using DE2 USB demo DE2_NIOS_DEVICE_LED in order to a send video stream from host PC to the NIOS. 

The demo PC software supplied contains a code for windows and includes a file called EasyD12.dll and EasyD12.H which contains only 4 fuctions: 

ReadPort1/2,WritePort1/2 and no USB init functions. 


Can anyone please tell me if I SHOULD initialize the PC host to work in ISOCHRONOUS mode, or is the ISOCHRONOUS mode configured only on the device (DE2) and the windows recognize it automatically?  

If I should, how do I initialize the host? 


Thank you very much. 

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In the demonstration project DE2_NIOS_DEVICE_LED given by Altera, the program for the Nios inits the USB port for a Bulk transfer (you may change this configuration quite easily). 

On the PC side, a driver is given (working only on XP unfortunately). This driver enables Bulk transfer to the device. 


So, to conclude, the configuration (ISO, not ISO, Bulk...) is done on the device side first.