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Using the HPS to FPGA 32 bit registers

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I reviewed the My First HPS to FPGA and I am starting to understand it. Using a c code program, the HPS writes to a register and the FPGA reads a register and transfers the bits to the LED GPIO.  

I want to do something similar but output to other GPIOs. My goal is as follows: Program the HPS to write 32bit integer data to a register that the FPGA can see. The FPGA will process the integer and when needed, return a value to another register for the HPS to read. The HPS will write data to two registers alternating as being qued by the single "input" register from the FPGA. I want to use the regular bridges at least for the HPS to FPGA data transfer. Is this as simple as setting the direction of the three registers and having the HPS and FPGA read and write to their respective registers? Are there any examples that use the non-lightweight bridge? I am still having trouble with Qsys. Thank you.
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Hi there, just to be clear, are you talking about the Terasic tutorial?