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Using two TES MACs on DE2-115 board

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Have anyone used both Ethernet ports on DE2-115 board? the reference design talks only one port at a time. and the golden SOPC project does not have two ethernets added in Qsys. 

we are working on two ethernet TSE MACs on DE2-115 board in RGMII mode connected to custom RTL. we need to do simple port forward between the MACs. we see that data is received from one MAC successfully and when we are sending through the TX of other MAC, we dont see the data on the MAC output. 


Kindly do let me know if anyone has used both MACs together either in NiosII/Qsys or custom RTL? 

are there any known issues in using two port simultaneously? 


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I successfully used two TSE MACs, although not on DE2-115. 

At what design level are your concerns? In building the Qsys blocks and connections or in writing the sw applcation/driver ?
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