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VIP in DE2. Am I in the right way?

Hi all, 

I hope someone can help me a little, cause I am very noob.. 

I need to make video processing in real time, using as input a PAL signal obtained by the ADV7181 (video ADC) and using the VGA as output.  

Right now, I am using SOPC bulider to acquire data, and i need a basic niosII processor because I will go to develop an histogram equalizer driven by the nios. 

My design flow is somethig like this(without nios): 

1) clocked video input 

2) chroma resampler 

3) color Space Converter 

4) deinterlacer 

5) scaler 

6)? here is the question. Need I the VGA output, so "external clock for the DE board peripherals" + "audio&video config" and some SRAM/SSRAM used as a "pixel buffer", or should I use the clocked output VIP? 


Another question about the ADV: should I use the I2c to drive it, or the Clocked video input does all the work? 

Anyone could suggest me links or books to go deeper understanding the matter? 

I've already read VIPug and taken any altera's courses for SOPC builder and DSP. 


Best Regards 

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