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Viewing Design files from Example folder (Cyclone3 starter kit)

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I just bought a Cyclone3 starter kit from Altera. I will use the USB to do some application of data transmission.  


There is a demo program named "cycloneIII_3c25_start_control_panel" in the CD included in the package. I'm sure it could give me a better understand about the protocol of USB communication. But all the files in the document can not be opened. I don't know why. IP file maybe encrypted as its personal property. But some normal files such as EZ_CMDecoder.v, Atlantic_Fit.v in this document can't be opened either. It seems weird. Does anyone experience with this? It's appreciated if someone could help me. Thanks. 


I also want to know if I could get the CPLD source code about this board from Altera? 


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