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We have an Arria V GX starter board. I can not program the FPGA. How can I program the FPGA / make the JTAG-Chain work?


After powering on the board, the green LEDS LOAD (D11) and D25 go on .

After about 4 seconds the red error LED (D11) goes on. 


When programming the USB-BlasterII is detected, but the device can not be programmed.


The JTAG Chain Debugger detects Device 1 , but there is a problem with the JTAG chain. See attached screenshot of the session log:


2019-07-19 13_32_43-JTAG Chain Debugger.png


What can I do to program the FPGA?

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Hello, Welcome to INTEL forum. This most probably looks like board prob. May I have the copy of invoice showing ship date and Development Kit Serial number? This is for further warranty checking. And you can also reply/attach your file in private message.