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We need Stratix10 MX FPGA development kit AN881 fixed project file



I have asked AN881 related questions before.

AN881 couldn't work on both 8GB-HBM2 and 16GB-HBM2 boards at our side.

And by previous e-mail discussion (the email title was "AN881 reference design need to be upgraded for device 1SM21CH"),

Intel gave us (actually the selling agent ARROW, they borrow a 8GB HBM2 board to help us debug why our 16GB board cannot work) an SOF file which is modified by AN881 design author.

The modified version of SOF could work well on 8GB-HBM2 board at ARROW's side.

​And then we ask Intel for the modified project files, because we need to figure out what's going on, and what part the author has modified.

However, so far there is no response.

Recently, I replied an e-mail to supportreplies@intel.com to ask again.

But I got the following message, so I post this question here.


An update was made to service request 04540265 on March 4, 2020

Hi Chia-Ming Hung,

For FPGA support, plz go to Intel Community forums - FPGA Developer Forums. Go to 'Featured Topic' > 'FPGA Developers' then, post question on the appropriate subforum topic.


Please provide the modified project files, not original AN881 reference design which cannot work on our board.


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Hi ChiaMing,

What is the request here?

As we are currently working closely using email to make the design working in 1SM21CH board. We are already successful make the DDR4 part working successfully. and now still debugging on the HBM2 AXI traffic.



Yes, we are working for 1SM21CH board.

But, on selling agent Arrow's side,

they borrowed a 1SM21BH (8GB-HBM version) board,

and they were also doing some debugging work.

Original AN881 design didn't work on their side, too.

In previous e-mail discussion with Intel,

I looped Arrow's engineers,

then Arrow got a modified AN881 sof file, seems from AN881 design author,

and the sof was successful on Arrow's side.

But they only got sof, not whole project files, so we are not sure what's the difference from original AN881 sof that we compiled.

So, Arrow's engineers and I would like to know what's the root cause, and what's the difference.

​Maybe this information could also help for our debugging in 1SM21CHU board.

In the previous discussion, Intel side uses "​supportreplies@intel.com" to reply us.

So we are not sure how to contact right person and get the project files.

And according to "​supportreplies@intel.com"s suggestion, we request here again.


Hi ChiaMing,

I'm BC, the person that sent you the SOF file is me, sorry I can't recall? As per my understanding, you want the project the generated the 1SM21BHU , which work in Arrow's FAE board? If yes, I can get it and send to you.



Hi BC,

Yes, and we got the project files.

Thank you so much.