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What am i lookin at !?

this is actually embarrassing but i found this board at a local store... but i have no idea if this is what i want 


well, this is the board: 

along with a pdf that's supposed to be a poorly translated manual (from chinese as i was told) 


it's is my first project with fpga so the question is... can i actually start with this thing ? can i program the device or i need a USB blaster or byte blaster? 


can i make a simle "blink led" project with this ?! 


Regatds, Hussein
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From a quick look it seems that you will need an external JTAG probe to configure the FPGA, USB/Byte/Ethernet blaster. 

I hope it's really cheap because the Cyclone present on the board is quite limited in resources compared to more modern chips. If you have the money I'd advise to take a cyclone iii starter kit ( instead, the FPGA has a lot more logic resources and there is an embedded USB blaster.