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What is the meaning of FPGA_family and FPGA_port_number in the HLS Getting Started Guide(UG-20036) And what family of FPGA support for the HLS?


Hello world. The prime version that i use is Quartus Prime Standard Edition 18.1.

1.What the meaning of ​FPGA_family_or_part_number?

I want to learn to use the ​Intel ® High Level Synthesis Compiler to create a CNN IP. When I read the HLS Getting Started Guide, I find the command as shown in the below figure :

i++ -march="<FPGA_family_or_part_number>" <source_files> -o test-fpga

But I don't know the meaning of FPGA_family_or_part_number, if you know that, please tell me. image.png

2.What family of Altera FPGA dose HLS supports for?

I use the DE2-115 board with Cyclone IV EP4CE115F29C7N producted by teraslc. I guess that the FPGA_part_number is EP4CE115F29C7, so I run the commond :

i++ -march="EP4CE115F29C7" counter.cpp -o test-cyclone.exe

But error as


Does the HLS not supports the Cyclone IV?

You can get the documents about HLS at the URL:


Thank for your answer.

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Please find the answers on your questions.


1."<FPGA_family_or_part_number>" is referring to target device for generating the output. For example Arria10.

You may refer to legal values as mentioned in Compiler user guide.




Instructs the compiler to compile the code for a target FPGA device family.

The <FPGA_family> value can be any of the following device families:

Quaruts Prime Pro

  • Arria10 or "Arria 10"
  • Cyclone10GX or "Cyclone 10 GX"
  • Stratix10 or "Stratix 10"

Quartus Prime Standard

  • ArriaV or "Arria V"
  • CycloneV or "Cyclone V"
  • MAX10 or "MAX 10" 
  • StratixV or "Stratix V"

Quotation marks are required only if you specify a FPGA family name specifier that contains spaces


Instructs the compiler to compile the code for a target device. The compiler determines the FPGA device family from the FPGA part number that you specify here.

If you do not specify this option, -march=x86-64 is assumed.

If the parameter value that you specify contains spaces, surround the parameter value in quotation marks.




2.As the Error message state supported Device families doesn't include Cyclone IV.


Hope this helps.