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Where can I find the definitions for the BSEL jumpers on the SD daughter card?

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I have an Arria 10 SoC Dev Kit. I am trying to find documentation that defines the valid configurations of the BSEL jumpers on the SD daughter card. I have looked high and low in documentation, and can find nothing more than that which is in the dev kit user guide. This can be found in Table 3-6. 


Unfortunately, all it defines is the mapping between jumper and BSEL[0-3], along with the default settings. 


It doesn't however, define how to properly configure various boot setups...and how those translate to specific configurations of the jumpers. 


Where is this documented? 


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I think I figured this one out myself. It looks like these details can be found in section A-7 "Booting and Configuration" of the Arria 10 Hard Processor System Technical Reference Manual. This at least defines what each BSEL[2:0] value represents.  


A couple of things still have me scratching my head: 


- It isn't clear which jumper setting represents a 0 vs a 1. When I compare the default jumper settings in the SoC dev kit user guide to those in the TRM, it doesn't look right. By default, all 3 jumpers are set the same. This would make the BSEL value either 0 or 7. However, according to the TRM, 0x0 is reserved and 0x7 is for 3.0 V QSPI boot. Neither of those makes sense, given that I know the default settings are used to boot from the SD card. This leads to the second item... 


- The info in the HPS TRM deals with other boot options besides the SD card. For these settings to map directly to those of the SD daughter card seems a bit odd. I am wondering if the settings in the TRM may be somewhat orthogonal to those on the daughter card. If so, I'm back to square one.  


Clarification would be appreciated.