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Windows PC don't detect PCI Express Card

Hello, i have an old PCI Express "Sendero Evaluation Kit" with a Cyclone II FPGA and an external PX1011A phy. In the first step, I want to create a very little project with the sopc builder. The project cotains a pcie_compiler and a pio to switch a led on the board. I have read various documents (PCI Express Compiler User Guide,External Phy Support in PCI Express Mega Core Functions, Exercise Manual for PCI-Express and so on). I think I have realized the project as described in the documents, but I doesn't work. The problem is, that Windows don't detect the PCI-Express card. Someone an idea what could be wrong? It think the simplest way is, if here someone who can send me an example project or if here is someone who can have a look on my project? Thank you very much... Br, Carsten

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