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Writing Control Panel on PC

Hi, I am trying to write a Control Panel on PC to send serial datas to a Cyclone II starter dev board.  


At first I tried to modify the Control Panel source code that comes with the development kit, but when I compiled it with Visual studio 2005, it firstly showed hundreds of errors in FTD2XX.h. To my opinion, since that header file comes with the kit I should not modify it. So I don't know how to continue here. Does anybody know about the enviroment the Cyclone II Starter Kit Control Panel was build?I think maybe the cause is I'm using a different compiler of something. 


And another question,I saw in some previous discussion that FTD2XX.dll has a incomplete documentation,so maybe I can use alt_jtaglib.dll instead. After hours of searching and reading I am totally lost in this area. Can any one just give a clear idea how can I write my own control panel? And maybe points me to a fine document or tutorial... 


Really appreciate any kind of help of suggestion.
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