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XAUI Problem

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Hi to everyone. 


I have a DK-DEV-2AGX125N devkit with EP2AGX125EF35C5NES onboard. I use ALTGX megafunction to configure transceiver block to XAUI mode with XGMII interface (reset and reconfigure blocks present). If I use a HSMC loopback board installed on HSMC port A, I can successfully send and receive ethernet packets without errors. 

When I`m trying to connect with external CX4 10GE adapter (Intel EXPX9502CX4) via HSMC-to-CX4 adapter and CX4 cable, link not establish. 

To verify, that hardware is OK, I download "10-Gbps Ethernet Hardware 

Demonstration Reference Design". After configuring the board with the hardware design everything is OK: Connection established (link diode on 10GE network card is ON) and i can send packets. 


What I must to do in my design, to have link? 

I think, that problem is in transceiver block. Can anybody help me? 


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Anybody doesn't want to help me. :(