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altsyncram component

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The link below is a reference design that displays a 640 x 480 bitmap (1 bit per pixel) stored in on-chip memory using the DE2 board. A Matlab program is provided to generate the memory initialization file from an image file. 



I am trying to modify that project file to make it work on my DE2-115 

board (Cyclone IV). The altsyncram component (contained in Img_RAM.v) 

is the one which I am not sure how to modify it. From my understanding 

this component is available from Mega Wizard -> Memory Compiler -> RAM 

2 Port. But I am not sure about the parameters to put in the wizard to 

match the original design. I have Quartus 10.1. 


I would be very grateful if you could give me some instructions on how 

to achieve that, or even do an updated version of Img_Ram.v for DE2-115
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According to your data, you need memory size of 8 x 38400 so enter that in the megawizard as word width of 8 and number of words as 38400. Then enter the mif file name/location when prompted. Some large device rams do not support mif so avoid them. Notice that 2^15 = 32,768 while 2^16 = 65536 so hopefully your device will have suitable segmentation in order not to waste too much empty space.

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