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aocl install failed

I recently bought the Intel Arria 10 GX FPGA and wanted to use it with OpenCL. My system is Windows 10 and I inserted it into an ASUS RS720-E9-RS8-G server. I was able to follow AN807's "Initializing the Intel Arria 10 GX FPGA Development Kit for use with OpenCL" completely without any error.

However, when I tried to run "aocl install" (with admin privelages) as described in the next section "Installing the OpenCL Runtime Driver", I got an install failed.

I am using the Arria 10 reference BSP that comes with Quartus Prime Pro release 19.2.

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Hi @clonedchocobo,

Thank you for posting in Intel community forum and hope this message find you well.
Is there a more details error generate on the output tab or something similar? It would help us understand the situation better if you are able to share that.
Also what are the Ubuntu and kernel version you had installed?

Note: in the user guide, there are also a section where 'The aocl install command fails due to a problem with PCIe drivers', just a reminder to review that to see if it is related.

Warm regards.

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Hi @BoonBengT_Intel,

I do not have Ubuntu installed. I'm using Windows 10 version 1909. There is no mention anywhere that we have to work in non-Windows environment.

I've attached screenshots of all the steps that I've performed until I encountered 'aocl install failed'.

Best regards

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Hi @clonedchocobo,

Thank you for your patients and details screenshot provided, after some investigation, based on the error I would assume that it is failed to installed the runtime driver for OpenCL.
Suspecting that there might be a missed in setting the environment variable for your machine.

Perhaps you can refer to the following steps here, which will guide you through.

Also can you please run the 'aocl diagnose' command just to check on the installation and inilization of the runtime driver as well.

Warm regards

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